How Ketamine Therapy Treats Depression – Freelance Weekly

influence the brain’s neuroplasticity, and permit individual brain cells to communicate with one another. Depression symptoms are relieved by an increase in communication between neurons as well as their firing.

The actions that occurs in GABA as well as glutamate neurotransmitters gets activated by ketamine. This causes increased neuron activity that has an antidepressant rapid effect. The antidepressant effect of ketamine might be due to the medication stimulating brain cells in a way that they can grow synaptic linkages. Ketamine seems to be different neurosystems than other antidepressants. That is why Ketamine is a good choice for individuals who haven’t responded to conventional drug therapies.

The FDA approved Ketamine therapy as a treatment for depression by 2020. This therapy is for people who haven’t improved in the course of two antidepressant therapy. It must be used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy so that the patient can develop new coping strategies to avoid a repeat relapse. If you’re suffering depressive symptoms, you could be able to benefit from this method of treatment make sure you consult your physician prior to making a decision.


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