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You’ll be asking many questions in the event of a call for a replacement well pump. It’s normal, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the best tips and tricks needed for installing or replacing a well pump in this video. When you’re finished then you’ll have all the knowledge that comes from a professional!

Five Important Things to Be aware of when you Replace Your Well Pump

Your pump ought to be located at about 300 feet or more. The typical well could reach 50 to 300 feet deep.
Use brass fittings and stainless fittings. The clamps surrounding the pump must be made of stainless steel
The 1/2 horsepower power pumps are the best. When you are at 75 feet, it is able to pump up to 6 gallon in an hour. The pump is capable of reaching 300 feet.
You can use either an old well or one that is new.
Make sure that the wires are flat, and wrap the wires to the pipe with a wrap of at least 12 feet. Connectors should be extended.

Then, remove the cap of the well to 13″ above ground and drop the pump. Reinstall and connect the power. hd752si28i.

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